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Whilst the Trust was formed in 2011 by Mulilo Renewable Energy (Pty) Ltd, financial close and construction of the project sites were only completed in 2015. Following this, trustees were elected between 2015 to 2017 and the Trust only received PBO status in 2018. The Trust officially started functioning in 2018 when administrators were appointed. 

Project Sites


Mulilo's three Project Sites are:

  1. Mulilo Renewable Energy Solar PV Prieska, Vogel Struisbult Farm;

  2. Mulilo Prieska PV, Klipgats Pan; and

  3. Mulilo Sonnedix Prieska PV, Hoekplaas, Sonnedix 146 

Each Project Site has a project company of which the Trust has a shareholding in each company.


The Beneficiaries to the Trust are, in respect of each Project Site –

  1. The communities in the nearest residential areas or villages located within a 50km radius of the Project Sites; and

  2. In the event that there are no communities in the residential areas or villages within a 50 km radius form the Project Sites, then it shall mean the communities in the nearest residential areas or villages to the Project Sites,


Provided that 100% (one hundred percent) of the value of benefits allocated by the Trust to all Beneficiaries of the Trust  accrues to Black People.


These areas include, but are not limited to Prieska, Marydale and Niekershoop. 


The Trust provides funds and resources to organisations which are engaged in the following public benefit activities:

Welfare & Humanitarian


Land & housing

Education & development

Conservation, environment & animal welfare


Sustainable business enterprise development



Focus Areas

After research, the Trust has identified the following key focus areas which are in alignment with Trust Deed activities:

  • Education: Early childhood development, inclusive education, skills development;

  • Youth development: Youth leadership programmes, youth centres, sport development;

  • Economic development: SMME development, skills development;

  • Social development: Counselling & education programmes about drugs & alcohol, support services, anti-poverty initiatives; and

  • Environmental development: Clean-up, recycling, waste management, vegetable gardens.

Although the Trustees will be focusing on these areas, they will still consider projects and programs that fall within one of the other categories in the CDP above.

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